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Join our Volunteer Family.

Please consider becoming a volunteer and donating your time to help care for the many animals we have at LaMancha. Just a couple hours a week can really make the difference to these abused, neglected and abandoned creatures who are eagerly awaiting a second chance. There are many things our volunteers do from feeding to helping socialize the animals that may have not had basic human contact.


Please contact us to find out what opportunities are available. We promise you will never regret making a difference!


Want to see a sneak peek of the rescue? 


We strive to provide physical and mental enrichment to the dogs under our care through a number of stimulating activities:

  • Socialization with other dogs such as walking them together or playtime together in our exercise fields

  • Training in the basic commands of “sit", “paw”, “come” and “down”

  • Basic leash training

  • Basic agility training

  • Playing fetch and catch with balls and frizbees

  • Rides on the farm Gators to those those that are not used to riding in vehicles

  • Swim time (weather permitting) in our large pond 

  • We gently introduce our rescues to brushing and bathing

  • Lots of loving and belly rubs


We do anything we can do to provide rewarding experiences and positive human interactions to help ensure the dogs under our care are better prepared for a life in a home with a family.

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