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LaMancha saves best friends who went on to become national TV Stars.

Updated: May 7, 2022

Buddy and Tommy arrived at LaMancha in the Spring of 2021. Buddy from Kentucky, Tommy from Tennessee.

We had received cries for help from their sending rescues as these two boys were maimed, hurt, in pain and clearly abused; one shot; one with an untreated broken leg. Two boys who needed our help. Two boys who would probably not have stood a chance anywhere else. Two boys who we said that we would absolutely help. Two hounds who became best friends and we called them Brothers from another Mother. Two boys who we came to love and cherish. These two boys benefited and were made whole once again because of your generosity in donations to our Hospital fund. Buddy was shot, accidentally or deliberately, who knows? His left shoulder muscle was atrophied and the ligaments in his leg had tightened to compensate making it very difficult for him straighten his knuckle and to bare weight on that leg. Once we had had him assessed it was determined that he was eligible for a hock brace from our friends at MyPetsBrace. Buddy blossomed after learning how to walk and

then run when wearing his brace. His shoulder bulked up to 3 times the size in just a few weeks and he was able to romp and play with his friend Tommy like a 6 month old puppy. Tommy had a broken right front leg. He was found abandoned, unable to hunt or feed himself and was a starvation case, just about at the end of his life. He came to LaMancha where he was safe and sound and fed and loved. We

had his broken leg taken care of and he was in a cast for a while until it healed. Tommy and Buddy lived together and helped one another back to full health. These two boys; Buddy and Tommy, were grabbed in the nick of time from their own extinction and proved to be the most beautiful, loyal, affectionate, playful, dependable, completely adorable boys. They both went on to star in an episode of a nationally syndicated TV show, Second Chance Pets. Once we received the ok from our veterinarian that they were healthy and well enough for adoption, they were both very quickly adopted within a week of each other by kind, understanding families who continued with their care and rehabilitation. Buddy continues to walk with his brace and has since completed advanced obedience training. Tommy (now called Archie) loves nothing more than running and playing with toys with his new Mom and Dad. Buddy and Archie are well and safe and happy and loved and cared for.

Thanks to you and your support of our Hospital fund!!

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What specific breed are these coon hounds, as there are many?

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